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As we have described on these pages several times, the main goal of this project is for you to create and ensure a regular, long-term, passive income. Positive is that anybody can become an investor and our client, not just one who has several million free ones. For such big players, we also have an attractive offer on Forex at Binary Opce or the most conservative in our Partner Funds. But we assume that our current offer will attract those who have problems to repay, for example, to executors, or to consider assets with a former partner. Just as it can be an economically weaker individual or family where the partners do not have the work and the hell outpours, so Christmas is stress and unnecessary spending. We hear such sad cases very often and we understand that there is no such help in the Czech Republic. There are a lot of financial advisors who say "cobyste if you would" professionally, but they do not really know how to get out of such a negative spiral. We have a specific solution for you and we are just giving it to you, it's just a trade investment club membership.


For those of you who become members of our investment club, we have a lot of interesting offers and the possibility of career growth (for details, see Co-operation section). Membership in our investment club and minimal entry investment costs only 400 Euro by the end of 2017, which is roughly 10,000 CZK. For some, it may be a lot of money, but it is possible to negotiate another individual minimum, for larger investors, the amount of the initial investment is voluntary and includes the membership of our investment club worth 400 Euro. Membership in our investment club includes: - initial investment to create regular monthly passive income - discounts and benefits of our growing partners - partner link for opening a skrill account - free entrance seminar / webinar - the possibility to get a luxury car for 2 years free of charge and other benefits or bonuses will be added to you
Enter your investment and membership in the investment club here on the site and you will receive a link to open a skrill account. For this new Skrill account, you must send the selected entry amount from your bank account, at least 400 Euro.. We will then send you a confirmation of your order and an agreement that you grant the rights to trade with your initial investment that you transfer to our skrill account. From us, you will receive a regular account of your invested amount of 50 - 100% each month and other interesting bonuses on your skrill account. You can increase the amount at any time, or if you trade with us, you can apply for a Tradevest Credit to increase your initial investment to increase your regular monthly appreciation. So in particular, if you send a minimum initial investment of 400 Euro. you will get a monthly appreciation of 200 - 400 Euro per month for your skrill, and interesting bonuses such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, vacation and car for your turn.
We look forward to working with you and wish you a lot of success not only in the business.

Order of membership in Trade invest club

Objednávka členství v Trade invest clubu

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