Forex is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange. Forex is also known as Forex Trading, Currency Trading, Foreign Exchange Market or FX. It is an international trading system for the exchange of basic and secondary currency pairs, a foreign exchange market whose secondary courses are considered as official world courses. In this market, its participants (banks, insurers, funds, etc.) exchange assets in different currencies and derivatives for assets in other currencies. It is the most liquid market in the world. Given that the daily transactions volume reaches $ 5.1 trillion on average, it is also the world's largest financial market. Most Forex investors enter to speculate, buy and sell currencies to make a profit. The principle is the same as in other (equity) markets. The investor may either expect the rate to rise or fall. In the first case, he tries to buy cheaply in order to sell the groove, in the latter case sell himself cheaply so he can buy it later.


Trading on Forex is interesting and you can win unique earnings, however it is challenging because you need to have an overview of the market and the events in the world that affect the market. In other words, you opt for binary options and either hit or not, while staying on Forex will cut off the study that takes time. That's why there's a way for you to get a stable passive income on Forex, which is what we are all about and what is the TRADE-VESTt project to get a Forex Robot that will do this for you and will trade automatically. Therefore, the abbreviation for the Forex robot is AOS - which means an automatic trading system. In the chest you can get a large number of robots for trading on Forex for free and for cash and their monthly profit on your deposit is from 1 to 100% and above all. This trading system using the Forex robot is probably the most frightening and long-lasting, but it has one drawback, and you have to invest a "minimum amount" that is not very small, ie the optimum is 5-10,000 usd (roughly 110 to 220,000 CZK). This is because, at a low budget, you risk that the robot burns the whole small budget, "sells" and you lose everything. Not the higher the budget robot, the safer it is. But if you have dyspositions of 10,000 usd, which is not so much money, it is common to achieve ten gradual appreciation a month and a total of 120% a year and I think it is attractive, because no bank can give it to you.


Instaforex is the largest Asian broker and our partner, and therefore has a unique offer for our clients:
- with a minimum deposit of 5,000 usd - a 100% increase in deposit (that means you put 5,000 Usd but you trade with 10,000 usd)
- Ability to copy an account (you can choose to choose the recommended merchant or robot account and copy the store)
- the possibility of choosing a foreign card outside the EU (your accepts for this card are not subject to EU control)
- high spreads and exciting profits
If you are considering trading on Forex, we hope that you are pleased with these offers, then write us and we will be happy to help you.

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