Cryptomania is a type of digital investment that relies on cryptography for chaining digital signatures of individual transfers, peer-to-peer networks and decentralization. Bitcoin is the most well-known and most widespread cryptome. The key characteristic of the cryptome is the blockchain, which ensures the undeniability of the transactions, thus providing sufficient decentralization of its verifiers. Based on one of several types of authentication protocols, blocks are then created that contain all transactions for the period since the previous block was generated. All verifiers must agree on the content of the new block. If this happens, a block is placed into a block block called a blockchain. Once the block is blocked, it can no longer be modified under normal circumstances. All the information it contains will contain it forever. This has many practical uses in the form of digital identities, democratic voting systems, undeniable ownership of digital commodities, financial transactions, asset management and many others. Banks are planning to run their own common cryptographic Utility Settlement Coin (USC) in 2018. Cryptomena has similar economic characteristics as the gold standard. The most famous types of cryptoscopes are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Euthereum, Dash, Monero, EOS and many others.
We highly recommend that you all read this new phenomenon of today, because it is a very fascinating world in itself. But we gradually penetrate it and let you know about the news that we have discovered and tested ourselves in this field. Here are some options:

To trade in Krypto currency, you need to exchange it first from the Czech Crown or another currency. That is why we are testing interesting possibilities today and we will gradually publish another, but the first interesting e-wallet for transfer and payment in the crypt is Arbolet, where we recommend registration:
- ARBOLET .... ... a unique Czech start up that won the prize and a smart e-valet or an electronic wallet where you can send money to your bank account and in a few hours you will switch these sent crowns to BITCOINS , which you invest. But you can receive money from your Bitcoin stores in your electronic wallet. This project does not have so much experience, but it is fully Czech and has a low commission of just 1% of the business.
- COINBASE ... ... is a sophisticated electronic wallet that has the same principle as the previous one.
As we have written, the world of Crypto Currency is fascinating and unique, so it's not easy to penetrate it and understand or test it. Anyway, it is possible to find interesting servers that offer unique appreciation from 30 to 100% per month.

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