Binary options


Binary options are one of several types of financial options. They are characterized by considerable simplicity, because both the buyer and the seller are known in advance the maximum amount of profit or potential loss. The word "binary" represents the fact that at the maturity date of the option, the buyer either gets nothing (loss trading) or achieves a pre-determined profit. Binary options may be traded on regulated markets but are generally unregulated, traded on the Internet, and susceptible to fraud, for example the US Securities and Exchange Commission has warned investors about binary options. According to the Czech National Bank, binary options an investment instrument, the provision of which is reserved for securities dealers, and for most non-professional customers, investing in binary options does not correspond to their expertise and experience.


I do not know who of you tried trading binary options, but it's really a roulette, though very exciting and interested. Your curve runs in one direction and you choose "put" or "call" according to that, but at that moment the curve turns and goes against. So the chance to win is always 50/50% and if you ever win more than once, just because you are lucky. And for this reason, robots are available for binary options trading. We also test these for you and we will soon publish the results plus our recommendations.


As we wrote in the previous paragraph, we test for you robots for trading binary options, and we will soon publish our results and recommendations, not only which robot to choose, but also with which broker we have agreed to a more profitable collaboration. If you have not yet found this, we consider this to be the mission of our site and to choose not only theoretically the most interesting methods for investing, but mainly to provide concrete results, our recommendations, and specific partners with whom we have agreed more favorable terms of cooperation.

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