The Tradevest project originated during the golf tournaments of our Tradecon club, where many colleagues complained that they are constantly looking for the most interesting investment opportunities to obtain regular passive income. Many have also mentioned that this area is unclear and has many cheaters. All of them have tried to invest in various instruments, but mostly they have lost money or have not made money. The most common story was that a forex broker has approached them, they got hurt and sent out a few tens of thousands and unexpectedly made a 100% deposit. So they sent more and for the second time earned 100% of the deposit in a short time. But when they sent out several million, they soon lost the entire deposit. This has shown us that there is a lot of interest in obtaining passive income, but it is complicated. That's why the next project of Tradecon came in. Tradecon is a company that deals with Analyzes and Projects, so we have first done an Analysis of a given market segment. The truth is that there are plenty of options on the Internet, and we still have a place to invest in the mail, but it is very unclear and uncertain. As for Forex, it has occurred to us that if Forex brokers have a problem with people who cheat clients to make money, we can baypass the problem and get a number of clients. That's also how we got a Forex robot from a software team from India and first tried it on a demo account. The numbers were shocking and amazing. Then we invested one account with 100,000 CZK and in a few months we earned 250,000 CZK which was even more amazing. That's why we saw a great opportunity and we made a few meetings with clients and friends. And because the interest was great, we organized golf tournaments to introduce the new Project. The title of the project has emerged itself from the situation because we are TRADE - CON tzn. "Trading and Consulting" in this new project was "Trading and Investment" then TRADE - VEST and the new Project was in the world.
We had a robot and a broker IRON FX and we had a sample account with a robot as well as a client interest. Three of our tournaments were attended by about 50 clients and business owners and investors. From these potential 50 investors, he opened an account and bought a robot for 1,000 Usd for a total of 12 candidates, which is over 20% success, it was unexpected. Clients have invested at least 5,000 Usd in their accounts and some are still trading there today. Since then, we have built our own Czech robot called TRADEBOT and created new websites that you just visited. And since we have had many new experiences not only with Forex, we would like to present you an interesting overview and comparison of the possibilities of investing in various instruments for assessing the finances, describing individual instruments and finally submitting our offer, becoming a member of our Trade Invest Club - "TIC". The goal is to help you save time and energy spent searching on the Internet while providing you with proven investment tools where you can save small amounts and receive a regular passive income to help you in the event of a crisis or problems. We believe that our offer will attract you and you will be involved in working with us and that you will recommend us to other friends and colleagues. We will be happy for any questions or comments you may have.

Sincerely, the Tradevest team

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