Every month, there are workshops of the investment club where you can come and meet the system that we have prepared for you, become a member, but also bring new clients or friends. We will announce the dates of the workshops whenever at least ten members interested in membership and this introductory workshop sign up for us on the Internet. During the workshop, you get not only information and practical advice, but you can get started right away


If you are interested in the offer so much that you want to start living with it and change your life for the better then you can apply for a business skills training, which also takes place every month, again when at least ten candidates are accumulating. The price of such training is 100 Euro, or approximately 2500 CZK, and lunch is part of the training. During the training, you get not only specific information on how to get started, but also professional material, records, and other interesting tools for your new and successful career.


Like every year, this year we are preparing for you a Christmas party that takes place before Christmas around mid-December. The price is CZK 500 and includes snacks and interesting presents. Here you can not only enjoy the fun but also get interesting contacts for future colleagues who can help you with your career.


Since 2008, we have organized a series of golf tournaments and golf tours for Morocco for our partners and clients. If you are a golfer and are interested in this activity, we will soon inform you about the details here.

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