Any project or club would not work without clients, supporters and members. That's why this project is not just for your clients, it is logically dependent on you. That's why we will be happy not only for your passive tips and recommendations, what you like or dislike, what else you would like to see, and so on, but we'd rather be coming back to this TRADEVEST project so much that you decide to work with us actively. Here are the specific possibilities of cooperation.


If you are already trading or have another business that you would like to introduce and sell through our club, do not hesitate to write and arrange an appointment. And if your product or service is interesting, we will be happy to offer it to our club members. In addition to looking for new club club partners for club members, we have been organizing golf tournaments and other interesting events since 2008 to serve our partners and club members. Learn more in Actions on this site or in person.


If you are interested in our offer but you still do not believe it or you do not have enough money for your initial deposit, you can test how the whole system works for clients and friends that you recommend and earn you on your deposit into the system. It is also possible that the recommendation does not have its own contribution, but it will bring several paying clients, then it can ask and get a loan of up to 800 Euro for the initial deposit into the system.


And we believe that the most interesting option for you is membership in our investment club. Surely you have spent more than 400 Euro in your life, which is needed for the initial payment and entry into our system. But you can get every month a regular evaluation, a commission from the clients, but also other unique offers we prepare for you, such as a luxury car of choice for two years free of charge. Every month we organize workshops for you to learn the details of our system. So do not hesitate and send us a non-binding membership order and we'll get back to you as soon as possible


And if your offer is such that you will not only try it and be happy, but you will want to spread our idea professionally further, we will be very happy to offer you an interesting career. This means that by selling our product you will not only get a commission but also a basic salary and other bonuses. And over time you can get the whole region and become a regional manager, or the whole country (for example, Slovakia) and become a country manager. In that case, write to us and we will discuss everything in person.

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